Eight 4-Liners For The Republican Contenders

It’s time for some more political clerihews — whimsically biographical four-line poems, described more fully here.

I’ve written one for each of the would-be presidents who appeared at last night’s Republican debate:

Mass. Governor Mitt,
A job cutting hit.
He flips and he flops,
As positions he swaps.


Herman “9-9-9” Cain:
(Romney hopes he’ll wane)
Though many think he rocks,
He belongs on Fox.


James Richard Perry:
Is he bright? Not very.
A lousy debater—
Called Bernanke a traitor.


Unhinged Michele
Is sinking pell-mell.
Even crazier than Palin—
Just what is she inhalin’?


Former Speaker Newt,
A pompous beaut.
Purports to be intellectual,
At selling books effectual.


Rick Santorum
Seems lost in this forum.
He’s none too calm
Over his Google Bomb.


Libertarian Ron Paul
Is having a ball.
Doesn’t stand a chance.
But enjoys the dance.


Jon Huntsman jokes
But can not coax
Any support for his reign.
He’s way too sane.


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3 Responses to “Eight 4-Liners For The Republican Contenders”

  1. hansi says:

    Well done….You nailed each and everyone of them.

  2. Pachydiplax says:

    Your words are just great,
    Nailing each of the eight.
    And while writing this rhyme,
    I was glad there weren’t nine.

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks for the kind words Hansi and the clever verse, Pachydiplax!