The So-Called Liberal Media Strikes Again

Steve Benen points us to yet another example of the media blaming the wrong political party. According to the Washington Post, the Democrats, in resisting Republican precedent-changing demands for FEMA disaster relief offsets, was starting a “fight over a side issue:”

But Democrats decided to pick a fight over a side issue: an insistence by the GOP to pay for more disaster relief funding by cutting a popular auto-industry loan program. Republicans refused to back down.

So let me get this straight: Republicans try to change the rules, thereby holding disaster victims hostage … and it’s the Democrats’ fault?

This calls for two poems: a limerick and a tanka:

Dear Washington Post, you are wrong
With your Democrats started it song.
Disaster relief
Is the cause of this beef.
Give those offset demands a loud gong.


Republican pols
Demand FEMA fund offsets—
Hold victims hostage,
While “liberal media”
Blames Dems for starting the fight.


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3 Responses to “The So-Called Liberal Media Strikes Again”

  1. Kathleen Cole says:

    Pointing fingers, demonizing the ‘other side’ … it’s all become part of the game. It does have a bizarre, rather humorous side. It is reminiscent of a politically incorrect joke about a firing forming a circle.

  2. madkane says:

    Kathleen, you’re so right.

  3. mondomike says:

    The Republican Thugs simply do “stuff,” really really bad “stuff,” and then they simply trot out and blame it on the Democrats. It’s been projection and “casting of their own sick self-image onto those that oppose them 24/7 since the selection of Crawford, Texas’ village idiot.

    (It’s a prime Republican tactic!)