Political Haiku Trio

As pandering pols
romance the Tea Partiers,
they imbibe madness.


Tea Party blood lust:
Leave uninsured man to die —
GOP scares me.


Republican pols
cater to greedy donors—
putting people last.


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21 Responses to “Political Haiku Trio”

  1. Chris says:

    Tea Party blood lust? They want uninsured people to die? Are you that easily manipulated by the media?

    Regarding your third haiku, Obama received more Wall Street donations in 2008 than did McCain. He continues to get donations from them. He received a record amount from Goldman Sachs, higher than Goldman Sachs have ever given to any candidate. Should I attack Obama for catering to “greedy donors”? No, as long as the donations are legal (many of his weren’t, however), then it’s fine. The left’s encouragement of envy and greed for other people’s money is ugly and evil. They rely on class, race, and gender warfare for their votes.

  2. hansi says:

    I kinda agree with Chris. I don’t think the Tea Party wants anybody to die. They just don’t want to pay for them to get medical treatment, that’s all. Wonder how many Tea Partiers are getting Medicare? My recently passed 98 year old conservative Tea Party father in-law sure sucked the hell out of them benefits with a shitload of procedures before he died.

  3. tara tyler says:

    strong accusatory haikus!
    wish compromise was in the political dictionary. the nation seems split w/the parties but they’re really all very close, separated by the loud line of extremists on both sides. we all want basically the same things, it’s the process that stinks, “you can have that if i can have this, this and this…” too many side issues back and forth.

  4. madkane says:

    Hansi, I know a couple of people exactly like that, as well.

  5. Madeleine says:

    Interesting topic. Well executed haiku :O)

  6. And why can’t haiku be political? :-)

    A Little Elixir

  7. Chris says:

    There’s no compromising with Democrats, Tara.

  8. Chris says:

    That is to say, Democrats don’t compromise.

  9. scott says:

    “Tea Party blood lust? They want uninsured people to die? Are you that easily manipulated by the media?”

    Chris, How exactly did the media manipulate those sick bastards cheering ‘yea!’ when the question was asked “should he be left to die?” No one added a laugh track, it was TEA BAGGERS cheering death. But it’s all the fault of the damned librul media and their librul audio recorders and video cameras. Have you ever read the comments at Yahoo News? Some of the sickest, most hateful, racist pigs on Earth post there and 95% of them are Tea-Bagging righties. You are probably one of the pricks who post there.

    The left relies on class, race and gender warfare for their votes? That’s as absurd as the right wing comments about Obama and Michele being monkeys and then having the balls to call the left a bunch of racists. And you know you do just that.

    How’s things working for your man Herman? His top political adviser was gay so he hid the fact from his supporters and then lied to everyone when he said the man was no longer working for the campaign. That’s a real upstanding person you’re backing.

    Illegal campaign contributions? If the right could prove that, they would be on it faster than a birther on a fake Kenyan BC. And the Supremes made it legal for the corporations who are ruining our capitalistic system to funnel money directly to their favorite right-wing candidates! The National Chamber of Commerce is a funding arm of the RNC. And where does a great share of their money come from? Muslim countries and companies in places like India where they pay people $1.50 an hour to outsource our tech jobs. Your corporate puppet masters care as much for the people of this country as I care about the dog shit that I pick up in my yard. Even less, but don’t let that stop you from doing their bidding for them Look at what Romney did just last month.

    And if you think that everyone on the left is happy with Obama, think again. I’m not at all thrilled with BO’s Wall Street backing or his and W’s decisions to give them billions in bailouts without getting a return but there is not one candidate on the right who has an ounce of integrity or intelligence. If Obama wins in 2012, it will be by default because the right has no qualified candidates. If he loses it will be because he has not stood up to the right wing politicians who care more about defeating him that they care about the welfare of this nation.

    And Hansi, I am reluctant to counter your statement because I’ve come to admire your posts and your intellect but I disagree with your comment that the Tea Party doesn’t want people to die. They would defund everything that helps out the lower classes and going after Planned Parenthood is a great example of their hatred. And if that means that some folks will die, oh well, they’ll call it god’s will. I know there are sick bastards on the left also, but the left has not nor would not structure an entire movement based primarily on the hatred of others who don’t believe as they do.

    Sorry Mad. I know this isn’t a political comment blog and I’d understand if you deleted this.

  10. madkane says:

    Scott, your comments are right on! No need to apologize. In fact, you’re posting on my Political Madness Blog, instead of the blog you usually post on, so feel free to be as political here as you’d like to!

  11. Chris says:

    Is amassing record-breaking debt and deficits not previously seen in our country’s entire history exclusively a flaw of black politicians? I think any liberal would answer this with, “Absolutely not! What a horribly racist thing to suggest!” Problem is, I’m not suggesting it. They are. Bear with me here. I would agree that this isn’t exclusive to black politicians. But if amassing all that debt has nothing to do with race, then why, according to liberals, must any protest against that debt have anything to do with race?

    I think that when the Left assumes that a protest of debt is actually just code for a protest of a half-black president, it is they who are projecting their own racism. Why else is the president’s skin color the very first thing they talk about when countering the protests of wasteful spending? It is the Left who, upon learning that the president is being criticized for something, automatically brush it aside as racism, almost as if they find justification in criticizing his skin color. “Well, he’s black, so that’s understandable,” they seem to say. “It can’t be that the Tea Party is complaining that the government is thoroughly wasting their money and sending their beloved country to the very edge of bankruptcy.”

    Nah, of course not; that would make too much sense.

  12. Chris says:

    Oh, more race-baiting:

    Remember when they forced Obamacare on us and it finally passed? There was a huge demonstration outside the Capitol building that day, remember? When Congress passes bills, they take it to the White House via an underground tunnel that goes from the Capitol to the White House. Always. Always.

    On that day, though, Nancy Pelosi surrounded herself with the Congressional Black Caucus and self-righteously walked alongside the protesters with that cartoon gavel of hers. Remember this? They were hoping to instigate a fight. They were hoping to instigate racism (like when the liberal SEIU beat up and stomped on the wheelchair-bound conservative black man and called him “nigger” repeatedly at a town hall meeting). The Democrats were hoping to start a race war. They wanted it so much, they made sure to bring lots and lots of cameras and film EVERYWHERE they walked, filming in all directions. Surrounded by the racist Congressional Black Caucus. They were hoping to hear something racist or see something racist so that they could catch it on tape and say, “Ah-HA! FINALLY we can put our money where our mouth is!” Like when liberals threw Oreos at Michael Steele. But it didn’t happen. The Democrats were completely clueless that the Tea Party truly just cares about the fiscal issue, not the Democratic issue of race. There was one man in the Tea Party crowd who was shouting at Nancy Pelosi with his hands cupped around his mouth, and because he was shouting, and because Pelosi surrounded herself with black people, one of the CBC members got a mist on the side of his face as the guy was shouting at Pelosi. And then they tried to make a big deal out of it: “HE SPIT ON ME! Did you see it?! Did you see it?! We finally got a racist moment! Yes!” Except no. I mean, how disgusting is it to try to incite violence AND racial tension? The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for what they did that day. And of course the CBC also said they heard shouts of “NIGGER!” But ever since that day, there’s been a $100,000 award for anyone who has video proof of that occurring. Given all the cameras with windshields on the mics surrounding the crowd, aiming their shotgun mics everywhere, you’d think evidence of that happening would exist on ONE of those many cameras.

    Andre Carson said the Tea Party wants to lynch black people. That’s race-baiting. That’s playing the politics of race. He of course is fine with the liberal crowd saying, “Lynch Clarence Thomas!” at one of their own rallies. Because Clarence Thomas isn’t actually a black man since he doesn’t vote Democratic. That’s what THEY say, anyway.

    Remember when Sarah Palin, after watching one of Obama’s “fabulous” speeches, said on national TV, “For a few minutes tonight, I forgot [Obama] was black”? Remember that? No, that was MSNBC’s Chris “Tingles” Matthews.

    Remember when Michele Bachmann said that Obama was the first “bright, clean, and articulate black guy” to come along in a long time? Oh, wait, no, that was Joe Biden.

    Remember when John Boehner said he expected the new black president to carry a gun in his waistband and to fix problems by whipping them out and shouting, “We got a mothaf*ckin’ problem here?!” Oh. No, sorry, that was Bill Maher.

    Remember when Sarah Palin (again) expressed her utter disbelief that Obama, a black man, was nominated at all? She said to Ted Kennedy, the murderer, “A couple of years ago, that boy woulda been getting us coffee.” Remember that? No, of course you don’t. Because the media would never report this or any of the above quotes (this last quote was from Bill Clinton himself).


  13. Chris says:

    Remember when Obama called on all blacks and all Hispanics to vote in the 2010 elections? Remember how he didn’t single out whites, but only singled out minorities? That’s race-baiting. That’s relying on race.

    Remember when Obama encouraged Hispanics to “punish our enemies”? The enemies he was referring to were middle-class white males. He was trying to build up hatred for whites among Hispanics. That’s relying on race. That’s race-baiting. That’s disgusting, and, like so much of what Obama does, unprecedented in any American president, calling his citizens his enemies. Disgusting.

  14. Chris says:

    Good luck, Scott. I made a claim, and I’ve now given overwhelming substantiation to those claims. My claims now cannot be denied. But good luck trying. Good luck addressing each case. And just imagine if a Republican had done all these things, said all these things. Just imagine Satan’s wife, Sarah Palin, saying all these things. Just imagine how much more hate you’d have for her than you already do. Just imagine.

  15. madkane says:

    Scott, I fear you’re wasting your time responding to delusional wingnuts.

  16. madkane says:

    Thanks for your comments Tara, Madeleine, and Magical!

  17. scott says:

    Mad, I know it was my own choice to crawl under the bridge and talk to the troll but one trip to the banks of the open sewer is enough for me. I’ve showered twice since then but I still get an occasional whiff of decaying souls and rotting right-wing brain matter. I haven’t smelled anything this putrid since the last time I visited the Drudge website. Unfortunately, when one gets sprayed by a skunk, it takes a few days to get rid of the stench.

  18. Steve Bates says:

    People left to die:
    You would hasten the process?
    Here’s your axe… blade first.

  19. madkane says:

    LOL! Scott, you have my sympathy. :)

    Steve, great haiku!

  20. Finally getting around to visit! Busy week…! Wow you got some intense responses to these ;) Well done!