Paul Ryan, Educator???

The debt ceiling absolutely, positively must be raised to avoid a fiscal meltdown, and the Republican leadership knows it. But they’re saddled with a bunch of ignorant, “Tea Party” Congress-critters whose votes they desperately need.

Ironically, the job of educating them about debt ceiling realities has fallen to Paul Ryan, the Prince of Budget Misinformation.

Here’s what I’m wondering: The “Tea Party” nuts bought Paul Ryan’s lies. Will they believe him when he speaks the truth?

Paul Ryan, Educator???
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Though the GOP leadership’s tryin’
To get Tea Party votes, they ain’t buyin’,
Cuz they’re itchin’ to spike
Any debt ceiling hike.
Now the burden to school them’s on Ryan.

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7 Responses to “Paul Ryan, Educator???”

  1. Mike says:

    Borrow more money for SS,
    Then borrow more dough to excess,
    Obama’s the man,
    To hatch such a plan,
    And bury us all in a deep mess!

  2. The G.O.P brought us this mess
    Trillions in wars and tax cuts no less
    They want a class war
    And millions more poor
    So Bachmann feels heavenly blessed.

  3. The G.O.P borrowed from China
    To put us in debt all the finer;
    So much for free trade
    When labor is made
    In sweat shops for foreign angina.

  4. Social security is not in trouble
    It’s solvent to avert any bubbles,
    But the G.O.P plan
    Is a privatize scam
    So Wall Street’s wealth will double.

  5. peter says:

    I’m a conspiracy theorist.
    I hate taxes, books, and the clearest
    of proof that aloof politicians are spooked
    won’t stop me, at least I’m sincerest.

  6. hansi says:

    The debt ceiling will soon be raised
    And the politicians oh so praised
    Their wonderful solution
    Is really pollution
    To elect candidates that are truly crazed.

  7. madkane says:

    Thanks to all of you for your political verse!