Republican Priorities

Republican Priorities
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Shall we immunize children? Heck no!
Supply food to the starving? No go!
Cuz Republicans say
That we’re broke ev’ry day,
As they help out the rich on skid row.

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8 Responses to “Republican Priorities”

  1. A tomahawk missle is pricey,
    While teachers are living quite nicely.
    While $millions rain down,
    On Libyan ground,
    Educated kids will be dicey.

    Please forgive my first attempt:)

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    The deficit makes the Rs frown.
    In this debt we do all surely drown.
    But they will feel better,
    When programs they fetter,
    Stop helping out folks who are down.

    But bombs we have money for now.
    Look, we drop them on despots… and how.
    Who needs NPR?
    Light a vict’ry cigar.
    And just look what it does for the Dow.

    More tax cuts their patented answer.
    Entitlement cuts an enhancer.
    For their loyal constituency,
    I hope that the rich soon see
    On this country the Rs are a cancer.

    I could go on but coming up with a rhyme for constituency really took it out of me. Thanks for the forum. Bob

  3. hansi says:

    These Republican bastards are busily bringing us back to the 19th century, by undoing every bit of progress made in this country to make it a better, and more fair place to live. I get so angry, it’s hard to come up with something witty. The above limericks say it well. thanks Mad, Mother and Bob.

  4. Well hansi ( my alter ego) may have come up short, but here’s one:

    If the Republicans had their way
    There’d be no more welfare moms today
    No more abortion
    Just pollution absorption
    And ya better watch out if you’re gay.

  5. john clonch says:

    GOP Greed Oppression Power

  6. john clonch says:

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the disunited states of America and to the republicans for which it stands one nation not under God divisible without liberty and justice for all

  7. oudiva says:

    We now have a Speaker named Boehner,
    Whose attitude couldn’t be plainer:
    Suck up to the rich,
    Throw the rest in a ditch;
    Our politics needs to be saner!

  8. madkane says:

    Thanks to all of you for you comments and delightful (not to mention insightful) limericks!