Alpha-Political Verse: Election 2010

Every so often I sum up a period in alpha-political verse. For instance, I did one about the opening months of the Obama administration. I also did two about the Bush administration, one a not-so-fond farewell to Bush and Cheney and the other a satirical summary of their disastrous first term.

This mid-term election period has been so bizarre, that I couldn’t resist doing another one:

Alpha-Political Verse: Election 2010
By Madeleine Begun Kane

A is for Alaska, whose incumbent needs good spelling.

B is for Barack. The GOP sure wants his dwelling.

C is for Christine who’s anti-gay and masturbation.

D’s for Delaware debates, where laughter ain’t ovation.

E is for elections. Dems lose bad — so say the seers.

F’s for foreign cash galore supporting GOPers.

G is for Glenn Beck and all the crazy stuff he says.

H is for Sec. Hillary. Too bad that gal ain’t Prez.

I’s for Darrell Issa who is itching to impeach.

J is for John Boehner — smells majority in reach.

K is for Ken Mehlman who is fin’ly out as gay.

L’s for Libertarians who, like Rand, to regs say “Nay!”

M is for Joe Miller — seems he doesn’t like the press.

N’s for Speaker Nancy P. Her House is sure a mess.

O’s For Bill O’Reilly versus Joy and Whoopi. Wow!

P’s for Paladino. Angry bully? Yes, and how!

Q’s for all the questions the extremists won’t address.

R’s for Reid’s tough Angle bout. I’m worried, I confess.

S is for Mike Steele who claims to run the RNC.

T is for the Tenthers and their anti-fed law spree.

U is for our Union which secessionists would flee.

V is for the voters drinking Kool-Aid-flavored tea.

W’s for the many wars we’re fighting — can’t keep track.

X is for the xenophobic anti-“other” pack.

Y is for the youth. We really need them at the polls.

And Z’s for right-wing zealots. We must squash their ugly goals.

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3 Responses to “Alpha-Political Verse: Election 2010”

  1. Scott says:

    MK, I thought you’re poem was great, especially U thru Z.

    Many foreign COUNTRIES were happy when Obama won but I don’t recall seeing any footage of deliriously happy people at any foreign COMPANIES. (like the Hindustan Construction Co in Mumbai India, TAIB Bank of Dubai or the several companies in Bahrain who are helping to finance the GOP this election cycle, through the US Chamber of Commerce.)
    Most people, if they are not being disingenuous, easily understand why foreign companies/contributors support the GOP.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks Rob and Scott. And I agree Scott that Republican policies are great for foreign companies, foreign countries, and American companies who want tax rewards for shipping jobs overseas. Now if you’re a working American who wants a fair wage and doesn’t want his job to be outsourced, that’s another story altogether.

  3. Veralynne says:

    Great alpha-poem! VERY astute of you!