Judge Walker’s Critics — Divorced From Reason

The gay-bashers are at it again, freaking out at Judge Vaughn Walker’s pro-gay marriage Proposition 8 decision in Perry v. Schwarzenegger. The attacks claim, among other things, that:

The ruling is a travesty of justice because Walker himself is reportedly gay – and because he’s gay, he should’ve removed himself from the case!

Boy, am I glad I never parlayed my law degree into a judgeship. Because, based on this “reasoning,” I would have been duty-bound to recuse myself from any case involving women, Jews, short people, straights, New Yorkers, satirists, versifiers, lawyers, oboe players, agnostics, and people older than … uh … never mind.

That brings me to my latest limerick:

Judge Walker’s Critics — Divorced From Reason
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Judge Walker’s well-reasoned decision
Has been met with gay-bashing derision:
He’s “reportedly gay,”
So was biased their way.

Oh, just straight guys have unbiased vision?

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8 Responses to “Judge Walker’s Critics — Divorced From Reason”

  1. Peter M says:

    Humor once again shows its special sharpness in carving up the platitudes that issue from small minds. Well played.

  2. Vivek Banerjee says:

    On this matter, this is what I have to say,
    Never could understand the urge to be gay.
    Same sex romp is no fun
    And not meant for everyone
    But I am willing to let them live their way.

  3. Realist says:

    For 35 years I’ve been wed
    To the woman still sharing my bed
    I’ve never had fears
    That a couple of queers
    Would marry and make my match dead.

    The haters should all mend their ways
    And not take up with bothering gays
    When Mormons like Jeffs
    Keep all girls for themseffs
    It’s their sons who get stuck without lays.

    Not one can explain how there’s harm
    From two same-sex cuddled and warm
    Affecting my life
    As I live with my wife
    I find there’s no cause for alarm!

  4. silverball says:

    boy…good thing you didn’t go for the judgeship…i mean, could have been a kazillion cases regarding oboe players for you to recuse yourself from……whew…score one (or a kazillion) for society….

  5. Ed Drone says:

    If you’re so upset at ‘the Gay,’
    And can’t see how they can be ‘that way,’
    That the thought of them wedding
    Gets you tears a-shedding,
    Don’t marry one of them, I say.

    The problem with gays, I suppose,
    Is one’s point of view, as God knows.
    So if they want to hook up,
    Don’t get yourself shook-up —
    Just say, “Ain’t no skin off MY nose!”

  6. A.J. says:

    Versifiers!!!! They’re the worst!

  7. Steve Nance says:

    Well now, Mr. and Mrs. Straight,
    Your marriage must not be so great
    If it somehow gets ditched
    By two dudes getting hitched–
    Or is this just the power of hate?

  8. Thomas Whittaker says:

    The only issue is whether he has an interest in a gay marriage. If he wishes to marry his partner, then he would have a financial interest in the outcome of the trial.

    Him being gay probably did influence the case. He displayed markedly biased handling of it, to the point that he was repeatedly slapped down by supreme court and 9th court rulings when he tried to be biased. He even ignored the supreme court, and recently released videos of the trial to the prosecution, against the supreme court ruling. They’ll likely end up on youtube, and be used to villify opponents of gay marriage.

    He probably is personally offended by people’s opposition to gay marriage, since it’s often due to dislike of gay people. That isn’t a reason to remove him from trial, though. If he personally benefits from the trial, that’s a conflict of interests.