Mitt Romney: Constitutionally Confused

Credit where credit is due: When it comes to self-contradiction, Mitt Romney is both fearless and peerless.

Once a staunch advocate of individual health insurance mandates — the Massachusetts governor who ardently defended their constitutionality — Romney has flip-flopped. Now that they’re required by the Democrats’ Affordable Care Act, they’ve magically turned unconstitutional.

Of course, constant flip-flops can be hard on the constitution. So it’s no surprise that Mitt Romney was for individual mandates before he was against them.

That brings me to my latest limerick:

Mitt Romney: Constitutionally Confused
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Individual mandates are great,
Said Mitt re Mass. health bill’s debate.
Now he swears that they’re awful
And even unlawful.
Your claims, my dear Mitt — get them straight.

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4 Responses to “Mitt Romney: Constitutionally Confused”

  1. Thebes says:

    So, the “Individual Mandate”, aka protection money, is constitutional because Mitt Romney is a two faced jerk???

    It is not, no place in the US Constitution was the Federal government of these United States given, by the people, the power to FORCE the purchase of a corporate product or service. The constitution outlines ALL powers given to the Federal government, this isn’t one of them so it is reserved for the States or the People. I suppose that under the federal constitution a State might still have the power, in it’s own constitution given by its own people, to compel a purchase, however this seems to me a basic violation of human rights.

    Live Free or Die

    (by the way I am a Democrat, or at least I was until the Obama Pelosi regime gained power, and POWER is all they are interested in)

  2. Individual mandates are great
    But hypocrisy just can’t wait.
    If not for his smile
    And endless denial,
    Mitt’s forehead needs a new plate. ;-)

  3. Rollo_Greb says:

    Individual mandates aren’t great
    Unless they’re required in your state
    Mittens flip-flops so much
    Cause he’s so out of touch
    That his health plan becomes his own fate.

  4. Realist says:

    Said Mitt of the health bill “I’ll see ya
    “We’re better off than North Ko-ree-ya
    “I’ve said all along
    “You’re doing it wrong
    “Because it was not my idee-ya.”