Republican Trials

How ironic that GOP state leaders are vowing to challenge the Affordable Health Care for America Act in court. For a party that’s always lambasting trial attorneys and activist judges, Republicans sure are litigious:

Republican Trials (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Republicans constantly boo
Trial lawyers. They do it on cue.
For a party that feels
Such attorneys are heels,
The GOP sure likes to sue.

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4 Responses to “Republican Trials”

  1. Realist says:

    The thing that gets stuck in my craw?
    Republicans above the law!
    “We’re better, you see,
    We leave jail scot-free!”
    I wondered what inspired “Saw”!

  2. madkane says:

    Above the law, indeed.

  3. Well, they do have a valid argument though. The Federal Government, while it does have power to be involved with interstate commerce, cannot require people to obtain health care insurance nor fine them for not having it. This is why a single-payer system will never pass a Constitutional muster without an amendment being passed.

  4. C. Blum says:

    U.S. Common Sense makes no sense. It is in the State’s best interest to have its citizenry protected from financial ruin. Why is there no outcry about mandatory auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance? When folks don’t obtain insurance then unforeseeable or awful happens, having coverage lessens the burdens on all involved. It is scary and expensive to get sick or have an accident in our country. No one asks to be ill or be injured and require health care. No humane, advanced civilization is comfortable having misfortune ruin its people, people who could otherwise be productive, contributing members of society. If folks are so against a social compact to protect citizens from health related losses, then why do we accept other institutions with little paranoia about them such as libraries and a fire and police force; it’s simple and sensical–because they benefit everyone and provide a few basic resources to give folks a foundation upon which to build free and productive lives.