Help All Hat No Cattle’s Lisa With Her Medical Bills

The brilliant and witty Lisa Casey of All Hat No Cattle is ill and facing thirty thousand dollars in medical expenses. If you can, please help her out by donating here.

Lisa’s been an outstanding contributor to the liberal politics community since before there was such a thing as blogging. If you haven’t been reading her since November 2000, you’ve been missing a ton of informative and funny stuff.

I’m proud to say Lisa and I were joint liberal web humor pioneers. We “met” when we were both nominated for “Bushie” awards in the early days of the Bush administration. She’s a good friend and a great progressive!

Please visit All Hat No Cattle and contribute whatever you can. Nobody should have to sell her house to pay her medical bills.

Thanks for listening to my shout out!

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4 Responses to “Help All Hat No Cattle’s Lisa With Her Medical Bills”

  1. Maheanuu says:

    Thanks Mad Kane for the heads up. I had been an avid follower of Lisa’s work for years and somehow with new machines, crashes and my own cancer problems… I sorta drifted away and not until I read this post by you realized how far I had drifted…. I posted on my Facebook and am in the process of visiting all the blogs I comment in and do the same.. Like you, I also believe that no one should have to sell their house to pay for medical assistance for a disease or malady that is not of their doing. I still visit your site and not as often as I should, but bookmarks are there for a reason, and I promise that I will do better..

    I cannot afford much at present, but I will contribute every month to Lisa and she also has my fervent best wishes… Get Well Soon, we need you lady!

    Just this old Chief’s 2 cents

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks so much Maheanuu! Good to hear from you!

  3. jurassicpork says:

    Shit, and I just drained my own Paypal account to my checking to help avert a negative balance. But I’ll see what i can do. AHNC is still one of the best lib blogs out there and I’ve been rocking to Libby’s Photoshopped pics for years. I’ll kick in just as soon as I get some funds into my checking account this week.

    In the meantime, a tickler email to me (it’s embedded in my profile) would be appreciated in case I get distracted.

    Credit Avedon with the hat tip.

  4. jurassicpork says:

    Did I say “Libby”? Wrong Lib in trouble. I meant to say “Lisa.” Sorry for the confusion.