Mark Sanford — Lost? Or Losing It?

I don’t know what’s weirder — the fact that South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford’s been missing since Thursday, or that his wife doesn’t seem at all worried.

Mark Sanford — Lost? Or Losing It? (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Gov. Sanford — oh let’s call him Mark —
Has left his whole state in the dark.
He’s gone missing, they say.
Can they reach him? No way!
Is he nuts, or just lost in some park?

Update: Here’s my favorite rumor about South Carolina’s missing governor: Mark Sanford may have been hiking naked.

Update 2: Now that Governor Sanford’s fessed up to an Argentinean tryst, I’ve written him another limerick.

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2 Responses to “Mark Sanford — Lost? Or Losing It?”

  1. Linda Sante' says:

    Mark Stanford Lost? Or Losing it?
    Carolina Governor took a trip?
    When a husband’s missing arrest the wife!
    he’s double crossed her and caused her strife!
    Now she’s person of interest, this wife!
    he sould have been more careful with his life!

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks, Linda. :)