The Bully Pulpit Isn’t Enough, When You’re Dealing With Bullies

I never thought Barack Obama’s post-partisan unity shtick would work. So I’m not surprised that no matter how much Obama reaches out to Republicans, they abuse the privilege.

So, is Obama finally wising up? The good news is he’s beginning to make more aggressive use of the presidential bully pulpit to promote the fiscal stimulus bill.

On the other hand, Obama seems to be in triangulation mode, apparently buying into GOP “centrists'” proposed tax and spending cuts.

Somebody please clue the President into this fundamental precept:

     Give Republicans an inch and they’ll take you — hard.

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2 Responses to “The Bully Pulpit Isn’t Enough, When You’re Dealing With Bullies”

  1. bill schmidt says:

    I’m looking for liberal humor which is actually funny or witty.
    Do you know of any websites?


  2. madkane says:

    Bill, I’m looking for wingnuts with a sense of humor. Do you know of any?