D.C. Snow Job

Life in Washington, D.C. must be great! Otherwise, the D.C. Council would surely have better things to do than passing laws that require drivers to remove snow from their cars.

I’m not kidding. The D.C. Council has “unanimously approved emergency legislation that will require drivers to remove frozen snow and ice from their vehicles.”

But the good news is there’s no fine … yet … just a warning. A last minute amendment eliminated the fine “until a hearing can be held and council members can study laws in other jurisdictions.”

I love “Nanny State” laws, don’t you?

D.C. Snow Job
By Madeleine Begun Kane

I am guessing D.C. is crime free,
And that cops there are bored as can be.
How else to explain
A new law that’s insane:
Auto-snow is illegal debris.

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6 Responses to “D.C. Snow Job”

  1. Jack says:

    Good for D.C. For the lawmakers to recognize a necessary act for the lives and safety of raod users with so many other demands on thier attention is huge. Obviously Ms Kane either doesn’t drive or is another one of those auto operators who believe that the entire roadway system was established exclusively for her enjoyment. Hmmm, and then people wonder why there are so many jokes about women drivers…..

  2. Val says:

    Well, it is now official, the world has gone insane. I think the outlawing snow on cars has something to do with Al Gore being a tad ticked off that the global warming thing isn’t going along as planned. I think they should go all out and outlaw weather. Period.

  3. Actually, in Vancouver, BC Canada they WILL fine you if you leave snow on top of your car. It is that dangerous, apparently.

    What can I say. We don’t have snow here that often, so I guess that when there is snow, none knows how to drive any longer… Hence they fine, I suppose, as a blob of snow hitting the car behind would seriously throw that driver off here in Van.

  4. Scott says:

    Surreal. What if you’re out of town for a week or two?

    BTW, hi from Scott — The Gamer’s Nook. :) Saw you on twitter and had to re-add you. :)

  5. Ejvind says:

    Thanks for the absurd update. I love your Limerick. :-)

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone! And Scott it’s good to see you again. I’ve followed you on Twitter.