Great Spam-Fighting News For WordPress Bloggers

I don’t usually write about computers and technology, unless I’m writing humor, limericks, and haiku about sundry computer, spam, software, web withdrawal, email, voice mail, and other techie aggravations on my other (non-political humor) blog.

But I feel compelled to share a wonderful (and free) plugin I just discovered that does a miraculous job of fighting spam — so miraculous, in fact, that the spam never even appears on your WordPress blog moderation queue. I’ve posted all about it here on my other blog. Download it, install it, and enjoy all the extra time you have to make fun of the GOP.

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2 Responses to “Great Spam-Fighting News For WordPress Bloggers”

  1. Paul Venier says:

    Being a comedian and on the road quite a bit, I can relate to a lot of this. I also write limericks and really enjoy the artform of it.


    Paul Venier

  2. techer says:

    Nice tips. Thanks for Sharing tips.