Ode To Pious John McCain

The Philly Inq’s Dick Polman really nails it in his must-read post about John McCain’s  “artful dance with North Carolina Republican leaders, who have fashioned a low-road, anti-Obama advertisement that is slated to air on statewide TV next Monday.”

Commenting on McCain’s political skills and pseudo-piety, he says:

When it comes time to dish the dirt, he keeps his hands clean as he tut-tuts about the incivility of our politics. He looks good doing it – the Washington press generally loves it when he’s in pious mode on the high road – and, meanwhile, he gets to reap the rewards of the dirt being dished. Why pilot your own Swift Boat when it’s so much more attractive to condemn those who do it for you?

And that’s my cue for my Pious John McCain limerick:

Ode To Pious John McCain
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Watch the press fall for pious McCain,
As he calls for a lofty campaign.
They’re so easily spun,
As his dirty work’s done
With an ad he pretends to disdain.[tags]John McCain Humor, Presidential Campaign Ads, Election Limerick, Media Humor[/tags]

2 Responses to “Ode To Pious John McCain”

  1. Tell us your thoughts on Rev. Wright! You surely know mine.

  2. Montag says:

    One hundred ads were run today
    Each one condemned by John McCain
    Those silver wings upon his chest
    Make him one of America’s best.

    Don’t fault him for others’ lies
    Don’t you know the brave man tries?
    A man of principle, without fail
    For each ad the check’s in the mail.