Blithe Dana

For some reason, blithe Dana Perino’s blasé response to a question about Bush’s $2 trillion Iraq war reminded me of two things:

1. Bush’s false claims to have inherited a recession from Bill Clinton; and

2. Bush’s vow to “solve problems, not pass them on to future presidents and future generations.”

And that brings me to my latest haiku:

The White House isn’t
Concerned about the war’s cost.
Isn’t that special?

2 Responses to “Blithe Dana”

  1. Herb Urban says:

    Are you saying Paul Wolfowitz’ prediction that Iraq oil revenue would pay for the war might have been off by a few trillion dollars? Give or take a few trillion dollars.

    I like Ms. Perino’s explanation of how “Global Climate Change” — because we would never use Al Gore’s term “Global Warming” — might help those who suffer from cold weather related deaths. She has a bright future as a Fox and Friends once George returns to Crawford. Unless, he declares Marshall Law should it look like Hillary might beat Rudy.

  2. madkane says:

    Ha! Can’t argue with that. Dana almost makes me miss Tony Snow.