Chinese Exports — The Real Poop

I was a bit grossed out to learn that “The Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base has come up with a  dung-for-profit scheme that turns droppings from the endangered species into odour-free souvenirs ranging from bookmarks to Olympic-themed statues… .”   Such creative marketing cries out for a limerick, don’t you think?

Chinese Exports — The Real Poop
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Did that Chinese-made gift make you whoop?
I must warn you — they may have used poop.
I mean panda dung. Yuck!
Don’t want giftware that’s muck?
Well, at least they don’t use it for soup.

(You can find more of my animal related poems and humor here.)

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5 Responses to “Chinese Exports — The Real Poop”

  1. Capt. Fogg says:

    Funny, of course, but it seems like yesterday that everyone was making the same jokes about crappy stuff made in Japan out of recycled beer cans. I’m even old enough to remember the jokes about stuff made in Germany.

    I’m not going to laugh at Chinese goods too hard. These people have nuclear submarines, have flown astronauts and may be on the moon soon.

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