He’s Staying! So, There! (Updated With Skippy Contest Info)

No, I’m not  talking about Alberto Gonzales, although Gonzo seems to be staying too —  so far, at least.   I’m referring to yet another Bush administration miscreant:  the ethically challenged World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz and Bush’s stubborn insistence on keeping Wolfowitz on the job:

He’s staying!  So, there! (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Will Wolfowitz finally go?
“Not a firing offense,” argues Snow.
At the World Bank, he’ll stay.
Cave to pressure?  No way!
He’s our guy!  We’re in charge!  It’s our show!

UPDATE: My good pal Skippy is having a fun contest!  Having heard about the Clinton campaign’s efforts to get the public to help choose an official campaign song, Skippy decided to provide some Skippy-style assistance.  [tags]Paul Wolfowitz Satire, World Bank President, Tony Snow, Bush Loyalty Satire, Bush Stubbornness, Ethics Violations[/tags]

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