Political Humor Anthology News

Here’s some pretty cool news news! I’ve just sold two limericks and one haiku to the upcoming political humor anthology, Jest Patriotic (Let There Be Laughter Series): Hack This Limerick; Running From Mistakes; and Torture Bill Haiku.

So, who says crime … uh, I mean poetry … doesn’t pay?

The political humor anthology’s due out in May, but their money humor anthology Cash In On Laughter is already out. And I’m pleased to say that two of my money humor columns appear in that anthology, as well.


And now some links, for your reading (and viewing) pleasure:
* Fox Presents: Are You Smarter Than Alberto Gonzales?
* Carnival of the Liberals
* Attorneygate Week Two
* Peter Pace To Star In Mastercard Ads (Don Davis)
* Ooh– Secret Inside Information
* The Talking Dog interviews Civil Rights lawyer H. Candace Gorman, who represents two North Africans detained at Guantanamo. [tags]Humor Anthologies, Money Humor Anthology, Political Humor Anthology[/tags]

2 Responses to “Political Humor Anthology News”

  1. Steve Bates says:

    Congrats, Mad! I’ve never sold anything I’ve written, at least nothing that didn’t begin <html> or something like that. Sorry I’ve been absent so much lately; I’ll write you more about that sometime soon.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks so much, Steve. We’ve missed you here. I was kinda hoping you’d enter my spring limerick contest. Ya coulda been a contendah! :)
    Ah well! I’ll be announcing my results in but a few more hours. Hope you enter my next one!