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Limerick Ode To Pluto

Monday, July 13th, 2015

With all the renewed attention on Pluto, I’m hoping it will be re-designated a planet instead of a measly “dwarf planet.”

I often like staring at stars
And at planets, like Venus and Mars.
How I pity poor Pluto–
’Twas given the boot — oh
To be “plutoed” must surely leave scars.

Pluto Day is February 18th, in honor of its discovery on that day in 1930 at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, by astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh.

Sorry, But I’m Still A Virgo

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

By now, you’ve probably heard the horoscope brouhaha over constellation movements and purported astrological sign shifts. Well, I don’t care what anybody claims about zodiac changes. I’m still a Virgo:

Still A Virgo (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The sign Virgo is mine through and through,
And there’s nothing at all you can do
To convince me it’s changed.
I’ll respond,”You’re deranged,”
Quite precisely and neatly on cue.