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Humor Carnival 2 (Updated)

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

Welcome to the second edition of the Humor Carnival, the only carnival that let’s you vote for your favorite post and awards a $10 PayPal cash prize to whichever site gets the most votes.

Which reminds me, it’s time to announce the winner of Humor Carnival 1.  If you’ve stopped by that edition lately, you’ll know that Erik Deckers of Laughing-Stalk fame was the winner by a long shot, proving he’s not only very funny, but that he’s also great at persuading people to vote for him.  Hmmm, I understand the Democrats could use a presidential nominee.

And now it’s time for Humor Carnival 2’s humorists — my favorite 14 submissions. I hope you enjoy these funny posts as much as I did.  And please don’t forget to vote for your favorite:

Computer and Technology Humor

Andy Boyd presents 25 Ways To Destroy Your Old Printer posted at The News In Print.

Marriage and Family Humor

Kevin Cummings presents Memory Laps posted at Short Cummings Audio.

Melvin Durai presents A vacation you’re guaranteed to enjoy posted at Nshima & Curry.

Erik Deckers presents I Still Don’t Have a Topic posted at Laughing Stalk by Erik Deckers.

Leeuna Foster presents Sunday Drive to No Business posted at Leeuna’s Blog.

News and Politics Humor

Steve Bates presents Fun And Games, Guns And Fame (Song Parody) posted at Yellow Doggerel Democrat.

Don Davis presents Top Ten Signs Your Campaign Is Not Going Well posted at Satirical Political.

Jim Lovell presents Small, Jerkwater Towns the Backbone of America posted at The Specious Report.

Ben Litwack presents Sexually Abused Picnic Table Tells All! posted at L.A. Boondoggle.

Brent Diggs presents Putting The Economy In Motion – Buck-O-Quest: Part 2 : The Ominous Comma posted at The Ominous Comma.

Animal and Pet Humor

Kelly presents Marley: Discerning, Prudent, Shrewd posted at View Along the Way.

Kathy Frederick presents My Interview with Remy posted at The Junk Drawer.

Miscellaneous Satire

Chris presents A Skeptical Look at Pennsylvania posted at Martial Development.

Charles H. Green presents Ford Harding’s Ode to Distrust posted at Trust Matters.

Humor Carnival 1 (April Fools Edition)

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Happy April Fools Day!  And welcome to the first edition of the Humor Carnival, the only carnival that (so far as I know) let’s you vote for your favorite post. And awards a $10 PayPal cash prize to whichever site gets the most votes.

I was astonished to receive 59 submissions — not bad for a spanking new carnival. Okay, some submitters seem to have confused this with the Carnival of Spam.  But still…

I’m posting my favorite twelve submissions — humor that made me laugh out loud or giggle uncontrollably. These pieces, song parodies, verse, and even a cartoon run the gamut from relationship humor, psychiatry humor, and political satire, to religion humor, job hunting humor, money humor, and humor about trying to write humor.

I hope you enjoy these funny posts as much as I did.  And when you’re done reading, please don’t forget to vote for your favorite:

Dale presents Twenty Ways The Specious Report Is Like The Onion posted at The Specious Report.

Don Davis presents Obama Sings: Jeremiah’s Bull is My Bog posted at The Satirical Political Report.

Michael Dare presents The Passenger Psychiatrist posted at Dareland.

Holly Ord presents Easter–Menstrual Poetry Style! posted at Menstrual Poetry.

Erik Deckers presents This Ain’t No “Gift of the Magi” posted at Laughing Stalk by Erik Deckers.

Angelawd presents I finally have permission to post about this. posted at angelawd.

Melvin Durai presents Column: Obama belongs to all of us posted at Nshima & Curry.

Barbara Diamond presents Iraq War Glossary posted at AMERICAN SCOFFLAW.

Orven Enoveso presents Creative Writing Exercises posted at Writing Exercises.

Jeremy Zongker presents Dan Gibson’s Cartoon: What if Everyone Practiced Universal Default? posted at Destroy Debt.

Brittany Fischer presents Walkin the Walk (of Shame, that is) posted at Brittany’s Hotspots.

Humor Carnival Coming Soon to These Pages: Launch Date – April Fools Day

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

I’ve been wanting to launch a Humor Carnival for a long time but, until now, procrastination has gotten the better of me.  At long last, however, I’ve arisen from my torpor and, in theory at least, the first issue will appear on April 1st.  

So what’s a humor carnival? You can find some info here on my Humor Carnival page.  Basically, it will consist of the funniest posts submitted to me and may also include some laugh-out-loud humor that I find on my own.

Any topic is fine and any type of humor is fine (satirical columns, funny lists, limericks, fake news stories, cartoons, etc.) so long as it makes me laugh out loud or giggle uncontrollably.

The carnival will appear here in regular intervals.  I’m hoping every two weeks, but its frequency will depend on how much really funny stuff I get. So please send your funny material my way.