Quash v. Squash (Limerick)

As a retired lawyer, I move to quash the idea that “quash” is endangered:

Some fear that the verb known as “quash”
Has of late been supplanted by “squash.”
But lawyers still use it.
(Some even abuse it.)
In courtrooms “quash” still has panache.

(I wrote this in response to a discussion in the “A Way With Words” Facebook group about whether “squash” had largely replaced the word “quash.”)

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One Response to “Quash v. Squash (Limerick)”

  1. The Portly Bard says:

    Commotion Denied

    Have no fear for the future of “quash”
    being felled by the fervor for “squash”
    Such supplanting will fail
    where the esquires prevail
    who are out of their gourds over posh.

    Portly Bard