To-Two-Too Much (Limerick) by Madeleine Begun Kane

“Two” is larger than one; less than three.
“Too” replaces your “also” with glee.
“Too” means “overly” too.
It’s too much? I’m not through!
Go to “to” to be done … and you’re free.

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3 Responses to “To-Two-Too Much (Limerick) by Madeleine Begun Kane”

  1. Dawna Michael says:

    Thank you for the two, to, two limerick! It’s fun and will help the students learn.


    You’re very welcome!

    Mad Kane

  2. Lisi Nortman says:

    Thank you for explaining that there are 3 tuze in the English language.

    Gratefully, Lisi




  3. BOURGEOIS Rebecca says:

    On two, to or too I don’t err,
    Nor do I for their, they’re and there.
    Writing badly’s a crime,
    But so many words rhyme…
    Yet I write all my poems with flair!