Over-Excited About “No Pants Day?” Please Keep Your Pants On!

A man who was known for his rants
Was caught on the street with no pants.
He was standing half-nude
With a bellicose tude,
On par with his usual stance.

But he HAD a defense for his act
That accounts for the clothing he lacked;
The fellow’s fine mission
Was spur recognition —
“No Pants Day’s” today! That’s a fact.

Happy “No Pants Day!” (First Friday of May)

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2 Responses to “Over-Excited About “No Pants Day?” Please Keep Your Pants On!”

  1. Alan Hochbaum says:

    To go to work sans pantalones
    Takes a worker with major cojones
    And if through his briefs
    You infer his beliefs
    Well that’s a significant bonus.

  2. Ian Graham says:

    An important initiative, Mad, at a time when several would-be emperors seem blithely unaware of their own pantlessness. One’s reminded of the old British description for various types of harlotry: “All fur coat and no knickers”. Anyway, given the particular closeness of No Pants Day to No Socks Day this year, we over here at the Daily Doggerel decided to celebrate both on the latter, namely 8 May. So the following appeared that day – accompanied by a highly on-topic cartoon by the talented Emilie Vercruysse (but I can’t see a way of uploading that here):

    On No Socks Day, lines of ants may
    Queue up. No sycophants, they
    May tickle your feet
    But that’s more discreet
    Than what they just did on No Pants Day.