Limerick Ode To Brussels Sprouts

Happy “Eat Brussels Sprouts Day!”

Though for most of my life I had doubts
About choking down cooked Brussels sprouts,
I flout them no more;
Well prepared, they’re top drawer.
Now I tout ’em instead. No more pouts!

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2 Responses to “Limerick Ode To Brussels Sprouts”

  1. Jim in Roses says:

    This “Eat Brussels Sprouts Day” is teasin’,
    So close to the end of the season.
    Soon, shelves will be void
    Of the crop you’ve enjoyed,
    And they don’t take that kindly to freezin’.

  2. Judy Fern says:

    Try them cut up and roasted or pan-fried with a little olive oil. I hate ’em too, but they’r more tolerable when cooked that way