Not That I’m Complaining, But… (Limerick)

I’m not writing a climate-change screed,
But I’d wager most folks would concede
This is crazy as heck:
Icy drinks on our deck,
Late December, New York. Coat? No need!

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One Response to “Not That I’m Complaining, But… (Limerick)”

  1. Fred Bortz says:

    El Niño this time is to blame
    Though humankind shares in the shame.
    We spew greenhouse gas
    In amounts that surpass
    The limit that scientists claim

    Will produce a new world without ice.
    At first glance that seems very nice.
    But as sea level rises
    We’ll face some surprises
    If we do not heed their advice.

    The climate up north will be clammy.
    PA will be like Alabammy.
    New York and Seattle
    And others will battle
    To not disappear like Miami.

    Flooded Earth