Open Limerick To Would-Be Thieves

This headline cried out for a limerick: “Seized to-do list: ‘Steal mail and shoplift.’”

When planning to plunder or steal,
Concealment is key; Don’t reveal
Any scheming on paper.
“To-do list” your caper?
Self-squealing, it’s clear, ain’t ideal.

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One Response to “Open Limerick To Would-Be Thieves”

  1. Suzanne Heymann says:

    When such stupid bad people are bold
    And screw up as their thieving plans fold
    I believe I’ve lost count
    Of the total amount
    Of dumb-criminal books that are sold.

    Yet it serves for our benefit, twice
    Justice served when the crooks pay the price
    When that’s done, secondly
    It’s a fun comedy
    Entertainment, a cop’s paradise!