Limerick Ode To Pyro-Gourmaniacs

Attention Pyro-Gourmaniacs! Are you all ready for Hot And Spicy Food Day? (January 16)

Limerick Ode To Pyro-Gourmaniacs
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Since my taste favors flavors that hurt,
“It’s not spicy enough,” I’ll assert,
As I dive for the water,
Which worsens the slaughter;
Can’t save taste buds for sav’ry dessert.

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2 Responses to “Limerick Ode To Pyro-Gourmaniacs”

  1. Ron B. says:

    The Reason to Season

    Though perhaps with dessert you dispense,
    through your daring you earn this defense —
    despite its anxiety
    such fiery variety
    is the spice that gives life sweeter sense.

  2. Matt Regan says:

    While I cook with some ginger and turmeric,
    Though my boys will look off and then mummer “ick”
    I’ve found that well tempered,
    Well sauteed, and peppered,
    They’ll gobble it down and want more of it.