Wife Appreciation Day Limerick (3rd Sunday of September)

Attention fellows! This coming Sunday is a very important holiday. Yes, I know I’m a bit early. But for a day like this, I’m betting you could use some extra notice: National Wife Appreciation Day.

Limerick Ode To Wife Appreciation Day
By Madeleine Begun Kane

On September’s third Sunday it’s wise
To appreciate wives. They’re a prize
You should cherish and treasure.
They give so much pleasure.
Beg pardon? RESPECTIVE wives, guys!

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4 Responses to “Wife Appreciation Day Limerick (3rd Sunday of September)”

  1. Jon Gearhart says:

    This Sunday, I’ll look back on life
    Through good times and also through strife.
    I’ll be beaming with pride
    When I like by my side
    And appreciate I have no wife… :-)

    LOL, I couldn’t resist!

  2. Jon Gearhart says:

    Should be look by my side, not like, but I guess it was a Freudian slip.

  3. Does this have to be about one’s own wife?

  4. Byron Ives says:

    I surely did not go amiss
    I married the right little miss
    She’s loving and true
    Articulate too,
    Matter of fact, she wrote this