“Entrepreneur Barbie!” Are They Toying With Us?

“Entrepreneur Barbie!” Are They Toying With Us?
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The new Barbie’s an “Entrepreneur.”
Mattel claims it’s intended to spur
Young girls to create
Their own bus’ness. But wait!
Why the form-fitting hot-pink couture?

I’m NOT making this up! “Entrepreneur Barbie,” from Mattel Canada, supposedly takes aim at the glass ceiling. Alas, it clearly misses:

It’s unclear by her garb what company she runs; instead of a power suit, she sports a form-fitting, hot pink sleeveless dress, and her briefcase looks more like a designer purse. The only hint that this doll means business are her tiny tablet and smartphone accessories.

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9 Responses to ““Entrepreneur Barbie!” Are They Toying With Us?”

  1. Who (or is it whom?) do they think they are kidding?

  2. Perhaps they are more interested in entertaining children then in pushing feminism?

  3. gillena says:

    i’ll have to google this new barbie
    have a nice Sunday

    much love…

  4. Ha, a hot pink little number. A Barbie by any other name……

  5. ZQ says:

    hahaha… I think it’s a toy for the little girls (and perhaps some boys:-) that will eventually be working for Daddy’s “New and Amazing, never discovered before Diet/Workout Co. Those toys around here are not even found at Goodwill.

  6. zee alexi says:

    In 1987 bio ”Barbie: Her Life & Times” by Billy Boy [owns 11,000 Barbies; gulp], she plays the leading role in ”Superstar,” a film about the anorexic death of singer Karen Carpenter. ”The whole point of Barbie is that she OWNS things & BUYS things,” said Prof Marilyn Motz, who publ’d a study of Barbie in 1983. The doll–if copied to scale as a life-size woman–would own a 33″ bust, 18″ waist, 28″ hips–”not possible anatomically.”~~NY Times, 12/23/87

    “Entertaining children?”–99% are bought by girls whom we raise to become mommies yet boys get planes, tanks, microscopes & doctor sets…no daddy dolls. Many Barbies come w/stands & just stand like dummies in grrrls’ rooms–untouched–sexist mannequins [NYT pc asks if she’s a “Sexist Symbol” in headline! Fer sure.] Disney plopped out 11 “princesses” ’tho only 2 are based on women who existed: Pocahontas is chief’s daughter; Mulan’s dad is sultan; neither are princesses; both married generals. All princesses must get hitched, gasp [Merida had no romantic interest in film, whew]. STEM classes or “active” toys [pilot/scientist/eng’r/DDS] will “spur girls to create their own bus’ness”…delectable limerick; hope it seduces lotsa grrrls.

  7. G L Meisner says:

    Well truth wins out. That is woman going to a club/cocktail lounge.

  8. Susan says:

    Could also be El Woods, the Lawyer from “Legally Blond.”

  9. Jamztoma says:

    That Barbie will never make it in the business world, in reality. LOL.