Astrology Duet ( 2-Verse Limerick)

Astrology Duet (2-Verse Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The sign Virgo is mine through and through,
And there’s nothing at all you can do
To convince me it’s crap
And frivolous pap.
I’ll critique you precisely on cue.

Now my spouse is a “home and hearth” guy.
When asked why, he’ll respond with a sigh:
“It’s a Cancer-type trait.
“Love my mate plus a plate
“Of home-cooking — stuff money can’t buy.”

Update: International Astrology Day is celebrated yearly on the first full day of Aries (on the Vernal Equinox.)

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One Response to “Astrology Duet ( 2-Verse Limerick)”

  1. z. alexi says:

    I read all of my kid’s science journals from jr hi to Ph.D [neurogeneticist]; Why not? I paid for ’em. From them, it’s easy to prove that astrology is junk science. But your duet ain’t rubbish~~it’s foxy & cozy. . .seems your synchronization is traceable to judgment & pheromones [from Gk. pherein “to carry” + (hor)mone].