Lewis Black & The News Quiz USA — A Limerick Review

Here’s the limerick review I wrote about the Lewis Black-hosted News Quiz USA. I heard it on WNYC radio in NYC, and it was hilarious, featuring panelists Andy Borowitz, Kathleen Madigan, Todd Barry and Ted Alexandro. You can hear it here.

Right now it’s apparently a one-off, an experimental American version of the UK’s BBC News Quiz. Here’s hoping they’ll decide to turn it into a weekly show.

Lewis Black & The News Quiz USA — A Limerick Review
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The News Quiz with host Lewis Black
Was hilarious. Please bring it back.
We need satire fare
Like this on the air.
For great humor, this team has a knack.

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2 Responses to “Lewis Black & The News Quiz USA — A Limerick Review”

  1. I listened to that on Radio 4 (where the original airs)! Is it weird that I’m excited that you and I have connected through a random event even though we live on separate continents?

    The British series is even funnier, I think; but that may be because I’m British and missed certain nuances of the American version.

  2. madkane says:

    Very cool! I like it.

    I imagine I’d love the British version, but that I’d miss a ton of the references. :)