Heated Limerick

I don’t mean to bitch (okay, maybe I do) but it’s hot as hell here in New York. And weather forecasters are saying it will hit 100 degrees tomorrow.

But hey … there’s no global warming, right?

Heated Limerick
By Madeleine Begun Kane

One-hundred degrees? I may swoon.
Yes, I’m singing a very hot tune.
And I’m down in the mouth
Cuz this isn’t the south,
But Bayside, New York — early June.

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14 Responses to “Heated Limerick”

  1. Pearl Ketover Prilik says:

    Cooling off reply

    I try very hard not to complain
    I vowed I would not in the long icy rain
    I vowed to remember
    When the temps came round hot
    How cold I was then – and how now I was not

    ( easy to say when you really don’t have to leave your a/c)

  2. Joyce T. says:

    On June 4th, we had our first 70 degree day in eight months! Bellingham weather
    And the weather was so wet that farmers have only been able to plow their fields and plant corn in the past few days! This corn will not be “knee high by the 4th of July”!

  3. Pat Hatt says:

    Still not humid here
    But it’s coming I fear
    For the sweat will run
    Bringing on beach fun
    When the heat draws near

    nice limerick I will say
    In my newest post I tried a big one at my way
    Guess you inspired me to give it a try
    So I figured it be given a go by this guy
    Now I’ll go rhyme and play

  4. Karen Rhodes says:

    To MadKane it’s horrid and horrider,
    The weather has quite well worried her
    To see what she faced,
    It’s only a taste
    Of what we have for 9 months in Florida!

  5. Amanda Moore says:

    Mad I am so sorry you’re havin’ freaky weather here in Cali it is the opposite we have had months of rain/or gloom or both, and still having it, I don’t mind the 100 degrees but with humidity I would be swooning too! (((hugs)))

  6. When I swoon
    On what is left of this sand dune….
    You will sing a different tune

    About global warming.

    Take my swooning as a warning….

    and cool it.

  7. Matty says:

    I’m in love with the heat
    it just can’t be beat
    it’s my kind of weather
    it fits me like leather
    perfect for flips on my feet

  8. Jesse Levy says:

    Sorry the heat has gone Boom!
    And it’s too hot to leave your cool room.
    Also sorry to say
    that here in L.A.
    We’re having what’s known as June gloom.

  9. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone for all those fun limericks. And thanks for your kind words too.

  10. hansi says:

    I pity the poor folks in the east
    The weather’s gone bizerk, to say the least.
    We’re not heeding the warning
    About that global warming
    So ecological disaster will soon be our feast.

    I’m with Jesse. Living fifty miles north and on the coast, June gloom has set in big time. The drought may be over in California for we’ve had a very wet winter. This is causing problems in the eastern Sierra Mountains (source of Jessie’s water supply), as they expect a massive run-off from the record snow pack when things start to warm up in the Owens Valley. Is Mother Nature telling us something???

  11. rachel says:

    I saw the crazy temperatures on the east coast!
    It is really quite nice here. (Sorry to boast.)
    I grew up in hundred degree weather – the dry heat.
    Add humidity to that and I’d certainly feel beat.

  12. Madeleine says:

    Excellent. Glad that despite the heat you can still sing the beat :O)

  13. Madeleine, you have my permission – no, make that insistence – to bitch away. I lived in Manhattan, pregnant and ready to pop in August of 1988. As we used to say on the subway, “It ain’t the heat, it’s the humanity!”

    Truly horrible in NYC when the temp gets up there. Not only the heat and the sweat, but the pollution sticks to your body. I used to hop in the shower at night, saying, ‘I have to wash the day off of me.’

    Love and air conditioning, Amy etiquette 311

  14. madkane says:

    Thanks for the fun verse Hansi and Rachel! Thanks everyone for your kind words. And Amy, it sounds like you know New York. :)