Courting Acrostic Limericks

One of my favorite limerick challenges is writing acrostic limericks. Here’s my latest:

Courting Acrostic Limericks
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Come one and come all to this site:
Oaths are sworn here, and litigants fight.
Understand that our laws
Rest on humans with flaws,
Tilting “justice” t’wards those who have might.

(Inspired by Acrostic Only.)

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23 Responses to “Courting Acrostic Limericks”

  1. dustus says:

    Cool combination of forms, Mad. Great result too.

  2. kez says:

    great rhythm … really liked it, thank you

  3. Marian says:

    fun form, sadly true.

  4. brian says:

    yes all it takes is the right green to grease the wheels and you can make your own laws…nice mad kane

  5. janice kelly says:


    i really like your limerick not only because it is cleverly written, but because of the truth in what it says…”rest on humans with flaws”…

    i see your words as more of an awakening, not sad…we write searching for answers and come to realize instead we find awareness…

    great write…


  6. Pat Hatt says:

    The hammer came down
    The con did frown
    As off to jail he went
    Having plenty of time to repent
    Thanks to justice from the crown

    haha enjoyed your read, had to give a retort at your

  7. Great stuff. We are all human!

  8. Laurie Kolp says:

    Now that’s a challenge I might have to tackle (the acrostic limerick)!

  9. Amanda says:

    Mad being that my degree is in Criminal Justice this has a special place in my heart (aaawww) no really this is so witty just love it! you could start an acrostic limerick weekly meme ya know it would be fab!

  10. madkane says:

    Thanks for your enthusiastic comments and thanks Pat for your fun verse.

    Amanda, I’m glad you could relate to this one. As for your suggestion, I’m tempted to try this. But I’m worried that few people would participate because writing acrostic limericks is so much harder than regular limericks.

  11. “writing acrostic limericks is so much harder than regular limericks.” You’ve said it, sister! Which brings even more kudos for this one.

  12. Tilly Bud says:

    Excellent use of acrostic and limerick forms.

  13. Very well done, Madeleine! I will try an acrostic once I’ve further honed my skills. I must say, I never realized all these limericks were lurking inside me waiting to come out. if you get a chance to visit, you might enjoy two that popped into my head today when I was doing a microfiction that involved knife-brandishing. These are pertinent to your theme…hope you don’t mind that I linked back to you!

  14. Mike Patrick says:

    Truer words were never written, in a limerick, acrostic, or any other form.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Ahh we flawed humans love it when someone gets it right.


  16. Versebender says:

    Mixing acrostic with limericks….what’s next…one hand tied behind your back? Very clever result within a challenging format. Vb

  17. madkane says:

    LOL! And thanks everyone! I encourage anyone who likes brain teasers to try writing an acrostic limerick. :)

    Lynette, I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your limerick writing experience. As for linking, I’m always happy to be linked! Thanks!

  18. Just wow you have a real skill with Limericks consider me impressed! I loved loved the haiku you posted on 3 word beautiful

  19. madkane says:

    Thanks, Candice!

  20. Write Girl says:

    What a witty acrostic….I enjoyed this very much. Happy to visit here!

  21. madkane says:

    Thanks very much, Write Girl!

  22. This one is clever! Love it!

  23. Sam says:

    a very good acrostic limerick!