Happy Limerick Day — May 12th (Acrostic Limerick)

Every year I like to celebrate Limerick Day (May 12) by writing a limerick in honor of Edward Lear, the father of the limerick. (Here are the two limericks I wrote in Lear’s honor last year.)

Since I’ve recently gotten into writing acrostic limericks, I decided to make things about bit harder on myself and write an acrostic limerick to celebrate Limerick Day (and Lear’s birthday.)

Happy Limerick Day (Acrostic Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Edward Lear should be honored — hooray!
Lim’rick verses he fathered, some say.
Entertained us with wit—
A nonsensical hit.
Remember his birthday — 12 May.

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate National Limerick Day, why not try participating in this week’s Limerick-Off?

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15 Responses to “Happy Limerick Day — May 12th (Acrostic Limerick)”

  1. Matty says:

    my ignorance now is so clear
    I had never heard of Ed Lear

    T’is true about what they say
    you learn something new every day

    Let’s go celebrate with a beer

  2. brian says:

    ah i did not know e lear i fear, but now i do, tis true, thanks to you….smiles.

  3. So much fun in this limerick! Adore the double meaning in “nonsensical hit”!

  4. Dustus says:

    Edward Lear’s not a Shakespeare part
    His scheme makes me feel lost left in the dark
    From meter I drink
    When I over think
    Let’s blow out his candles with farts

    *hangs his head in limerick shame* Happy Birthday!

  5. Mama Zen says:

    Wow! That’s quite a trick!

  6. Gay Cannon says:

    Hi Madeleine,
    This is quite clever. I’ve played a little bit with limericks and actually bought a book of them while visiting there, but I’m just not a natural at it as you clearly are. I admire being able to extemporaneously come up with them especially with their “rude” double entendres. That’s good fun and clever writing. Nice tribute to Lear here. Well done! Thanks, Gay

  7. I love this prompt, Madeleine! I’m trying to limit myself to two…:)

    All neologisms aside,
    Lear’s poetry holds place of pride.
    For lyrical wit that
    Knows just where to hit,
    There is no one can equal his stride.

    To contemplate grave Edward Lear,
    As through tiny specs he would peer;
    One could not have known,
    That good sense had long flown
    From this mind so endearingly clear!

  8. Altonian says:

    I too like our friend Edward Lear
    Greater talent than mine I do fear
    But I’ll try now and then, with computer or pen
    When it works I permit a small cheer

  9. Fireblossom says:

    I hate haiku but I love limericks. They’re fun!

  10. Bravo, Mad. But you like a challenge, so why not a cento limerick from Lear’s words?

  11. trisha says:

    loved the limerick!

  12. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind words and verse!

    Vivienne, that’s an interesting idea. I might just try it one of these days.

  13. Oh! The birthday of Edward Lear
    Did draw near – but passed, I fear.
    If I’m around next year,
    And if I still care,
    A limerick’s course I might steer.

  14. earlybird says:

    Very clever! I’m sure he would have approved.

  15. madkane says:

    Thanks, earlybird! Fun limerick, Harry!