Acrostic Limerick: Hot, Cross Lovers

Last month I had such a good time writing these two acrostic limericks, that I had to try another in response to a new prompt from Acrostics Only.

Acrostic Limerick: Hot, Cross Lovers
By Madeleine Begun Kane

A flexible gal who is spry,
Gymnastically gifted, and sly
Initiates sex,
Leaves her lovers as wrecks —
Enticing, entrapping — oh my!

UPDATE: April 23 is Lover’s Day

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24 Responses to “Acrostic Limerick: Hot, Cross Lovers”

  1. Oh my indeed. Very nicely done. I have a soft spot for acrostics.

  2. Gloria says:

    So clever! I love it!! :)

  3. andy sewina says:

    Nicely Mad, the acrostic works so well with the Limerick form, I bet you’ll be on the lookout for cool five letter words now…

  4. scott says:

    Is it me or did it just get a little warmer in here?

  5. Matty says:

    A flexible gal who is spry,
    got her big toe stuck in her eye

    after pulling it out
    she started to pout

    yoga does now make her cry

  6. madkane says:

    Fun limerick, Matty! And thanks for your kind comments, everyone!

  7. trisha says:

    reminded me of a vamp in james bond movies.

  8. JL Dodge says:

    Naturally I come to you for the limerick, you do them so well, this is really cute, gives me ideas for my own !!

  9. hansi says:

    That gal sounds like my kind of woman, or some carrots I grew :)

  10. Veralynne Pepper says:

    LOVE it!! Too, too clever! You amaze me.

  11. Kim Nelson says:

    I KNOW HER! We do yoga and pilates together. ;-)

  12. Victoria says:

    This is so funny! Don’t know if I’ll get a chance to write this week. I’m brain-frazzled after a two-day drive and facing 4 months worth of unpaking! Arrgh.

  13. In the mental agility stakes, you are the front runner.

  14. Excellently done.

  15. Poetjanstie says:

    My heart goes out to Mad Kane
    Kindly humorous laureate, keeps you sane
    After all that she’s said
    Never early to bed
    Ever searching for the world’s best refrain.

  16. Dick says:

    Mastery of the medium and funny too!

  17. Poetjanstie says:

    “Hot, Cross Lovers” is a classic limerick; brilliant.

  18. Versebender says:

    Oh my indeed…you are your game, girl! Vb

  19. Tumblewords says:

    HA! Acrostic limericks are very like patting one’s head while rubbing the tummy. You’re talented and brave.

  20. Hot is right. Nice work.

  21. Cathy says:

    Great job! and funny too.

  22. nan says:

    clever, clever, clever, and fun!

  23. Deb says:

    Oh, the spam you’ll attract with this witty ditty!

  24. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone for your lovely and enthusiastic comments. And thanks Poetjanstie for the fun MKane acrostic. Great fun, indeed!