Orchestrating Haiku

Symphony of black,
my uniform for decades —
stage no longer mine.


Harmonics converge
in a dissonant parade
of the marching bands.


(Thanks for the uniform prompt.)

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10 Responses to “Orchestrating Haiku”

  1. Good one, Madeleine! You say a lot in a few well chosen words.

  2. Kim Nelson says:

    I, too, wore a uniform of black for many years. Now I lean toward purple, and occasionally green. :-)

  3. Ella says:

    I love how condensed your poem are, packed with so much meaning!

  4. bkmackenzie says:

    A wonderful and powerful uniform to wear….I did not play but sang in choirs…behind these symphonies that always left me in ah….thank you…for you service…bkm

  5. Lorot says:

    I surmise a lot from ‘harmonics converge in a dissonant parade’. May be harmony in the rough and tumble of life. May be, after all, a parade sets up the stage for bits and pieces to fall into place. Or may be, in any event, as a band marches the stage is set and all the incongruous voices merge into a symphony and are carried on on the waves of free-flowing theme.

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks to all of you for your lovely and amusing comments! And thanks Lorot for giving me more credit for profound messaging than I fear is due me. I do love your interpretation of my haiku!

  7. Old Ollie says:

    Johnny Cash – the man in black?

  8. I simply love the idea of the ‘symphony of black’.
    It has its moments with me as well!!


  9. JamieDedes says:

    Bravo! Well done …

  10. madkane says:

    Thanks very much everyone!