Fighting Mad

Since I already wrote a limerick review of the Fighter, I wasn’t planning to post on that topic again. Even Melissa Leo’s “Consider” her for an Oscar photo campaign wasn’t enough to get me writing. Though for the record, I think she looks great in those pics and I’m rooting for her.

Actually, now that I’m on the subject, here’s a message to Leo critics who fault her for showing herself in a more physically attractive light: You’re being sexist. Freedom of choice is a feminist ideal. So if Melissa Leo chooses to look glamorous and sexy for a change, that’s just fine with me. More power to her!

But back to what prompted this post. Carry On Tuesday’s saved by the bell prompt got me thinking about boxers, which reminded me of the Fighter and inspired this limerick:

Saved By The Bell
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The boxer was saved by the bell
After being in boxing match hell.
He needed a break.
That’s all it would take:
That sound ere he once again fell.

(Also for I Saw Sunday.)

UPDATE: Congratulations Melissa Leo on your Oscar! I knew you could f…ing do it.

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10 Responses to “Fighting Mad”

  1. Love the “once again”! The inevitable fall at the sound of the inevitable bell!

  2. earlybird says:

    love it! the inevitablility of the outcome well put.

  3. Susannah says:

    Thanks for linking to I Saw Sunday. :-)

  4. Susannah says:

    I accidently pressed post before I could say that I like the limerick!

    I do hope you enjoy reading the posts of the other I Saw Sunday participants and that we will see you next week.:-)

  5. Jingle says:

    perfect rhymes…
    lovely entry.

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks so much everyone for your kind words!

  7. Gloria says:

    That is truly being saved by the bell…..good one!

  8. Kim Nelson says:

    You went straight to one of the supposed sources with this one, mad. Nicely constructed!

  9. madkane says:

    Thanks Gloria and Kim!