Epiphany (Tanka)

Epiphany (Tanka)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

My muse teases me,
Awaiting epiphanies
That never arrive.
So I must go it alone,
Writing until I’m amused.

(Note: Tanka is five line Japanese poetry which pre-dates haiku and whose syllabic form is 5-7-5-7-7. I usually think of it as haiku plus two more 7 syllable lines. My Epiphany Tanka was inspired by the Writers Island epiphany prompt.)

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14 Responses to “Epiphany (Tanka)”

  1. Ah, the lot of the poet. Nicely done.

  2. Tanks for the Tanka – gives more scope than haiku.

  3. madkane says:

    Thanks, Anthony and Vivienne. I enjoy that form. Probably should try more of them. :)

  4. Travis says:

    This form is intriguing. Making a note to explore it.

  5. Gloria says:

    I really enjoy haiku, senryu, and tanka. This tanka is perfect for the prompt. I haven’t done this prompt yet but might try a etheree poem. I’ve never tried it before. :)
    Well done on this….well enjoyed!

  6. Veralynne Pepper says:

    That one’s good for deep thinking and for a giggle. Thanks!

    Cosmic joke it is
    To giggle and meditate
    Serious no more
    Laughter will allay the tears
    But tears will return to flow

  7. Veralynne Pepper says:

    My muse wonders
    What is in store for the Earth?
    Good news is hard found
    Disasters abound in it
    Where will we go when it’s gone?

  8. pamela says:

    I think this happens a lot. Nice one.

  9. Steve Nance says:

    Cyclotron flashes
    Virtual particles’ trails
    Spiral, then vanish
    Such ephemera form us
    We are … imagination

  10. David says:

    Great response to a difficult challenge.

  11. Marian says:

    Nice. I always like learning about “new” forms. The discipline of hewing to the form releases creativity.

  12. madkane says:

    Thanks very much everyone for your lovely comments and verse!

  13. David says:

    They read well and work well as poetry. Excellent.