A Deceptive Limerick

Most of my limericks on this blog are light. Some are even funny. But this one won’t inspire any chortles. Sorry!

A Deceptive Limerick
By Madeleine Begun Kane

When complaining that others have lied,
It’s important to look deep inside
And ask if you knew
All along it was you
Who had taken yourself for a ride.

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6 Responses to “A Deceptive Limerick”

  1. jesse levy says:

    We all have the light and the dark
    Life’s not always a walk in the park
    If we look at it squarely
    and can treat others fairly
    We can hopefully leave a good mark

  2. scott says:

    very good MadK! thought provoking are introspective.

    I dig yours too Jesse

  3. scott says:

    In a time that’s designed to confuse,
    I allude to Will Roger’s views.
    That a lie given birth,
    will go half-way ‘round the Earth
    while the truth is tying it’s shoes.

  4. Hansi says:

    Your latest limerick was a real downer
    Too introspective, and a frowner.
    I prefer something lite,
    That will tickle me with delight.
    But I got so bummed out I couldn’t even think of a rhyme on which to end this thing, and gave up instead.

  5. Bobby Clark says:


    “That will tickle me with delight”
    Turning my life into a delightful encounter.

  6. madkane says:

    Thanks everyone for your verse!