Eclipse Haiku Septet

My post about haiku and senryu put me in the mood to write more haiku. And what better inspiration than this morning’s extremely rare total lunar eclipse/winter solstice combo!

It’s very cold here in New York. But as my husband sleeps, I’ve been outside watching the eclipse, coming indoors periodically to write some lunar eclipse haiku — a total of seven for a total eclipse:

Here they are:

The lunar eclipse
Is just beginning right now.
Moon’s barely dented.


Bundled up, yet chilled,
I watch moon’s vanishing act.
Quarter’s gone missing.


Icy New York air
Mocks me as I moon eclipse.
Glad cops missed my show.


Ventured out again
As solstice moon wastes away,
Mere shadow of self.


Winds howl in protest,
Demanding that the shy moon
Come out of hiding.


The sky teases us
With a hint of yawning light,
As moon awakens.


Moon stages comeback.
Turns out its retirement
Was only a phase.

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7 Responses to “Eclipse Haiku Septet”

  1. Steve Nance says:

    Wonderful! And yes, I would say they are actual haiku :) I am kicking myself because I forgot to go out last night. But your images (yes, even, perhaps especially, the third one) kinda make up for it.

    Winter solstice…brings to my mind these “4 seasons” senryu I wrote a decade ago that seem more pertinent all the time:

    quick! read this poem
    read all the poems you can
    while it’s still legal

    hush! eat this poem
    memorize it, tell it to
    everyone you trust

    rise! chant this poem
    we don’t have to whisper now
    not with all these friends

    hey! write a poem
    celebrate the world we made
    singing down the walls

  2. scott says:

    Mad, that was beautiful and very visual. (every line!)

    Steve, I dig yours too.

  3. scott says:

    Gaia shows her might
    she laughs at puny Luna
    and darkens her night

    and my heart wonders
    if her shadow may portend
    coming disaster

    storm clouds from the west
    delivering rain and snow
    hiding Luna’s fate..

  4. madkane says:

    Wonderful verse Steve and Scott! Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Steve Nance says:

    Thanks, Mad. Very nice haiku, Scott!

  6. Jude says:

    Lovely, Mad! I enjoyed them!

  7. madkane says:

    Thanks so much, Jude and happy new year everyone!