Tornado Night

Thursday night’s weather was certainly interesting here in Queens, New York. Hubby Mark and I were on the Long Island Railroad on route to an Off-Broadway play, when what turned out to be a tornado hit.

After some delays, our train did manage to make it to Penn Station, after which the railroad completely shut down, stranding hordes of rush hour commuters. (As we later learned, the tracks were littered with uprooted trees, and the storm had wreaked havoc throughout much of New York City.)

But we went off to see the play, figuring that by the time we were finished with theater and dinner, everything would be back to normal. Ha!

As it turned out, more than 24 hours would elapse before the LIRR would fully recover. So our path home to Bayside, Queens was a challenge, involving an unfamiliar combo of train, subway, and bus.

Relieved to finally be home, we were greeted by an unwelcome discovery — the tallest tree in our backyard had relocated to our neighbor’s yard.

Well, at least the play wasn’t bad — It Must Be Him, starring Peter Scolari and Liz Torres. Not great mind you — not even close. But everything’s relative.

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3 Responses to “Tornado Night”

  1. Brion Emde says:

    Well, that’s an exciting story. I’m glad all went ultimately well, despite the loss of the tree.

    A couple who went to a play
    Were placed in somewhat of a fray.
    When a tornado came
    Bayside wasn’t the same.
    Arboricide happened that day.

  2. madkane says:

    LOL! Thanks! If it isn’t a word, it should be. :)

  3. Joyce T. says:

    So glad you and Mark are safe. What a misadventure, though. Rob and Brion’s poetic responses are spot-on!