Mad Kane In The News

I’m very pleased that my Robert Benchley Society Humor Award has generated a fair amount of publicity.  This article in Gannett’s Journal News is probably the best of the stories.  And it has a fun companion video of me reading one of my humor columns.

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4 Responses to “Mad Kane In The News”

  1. Mad Kane, I enjoyed the video so much. Car alarms are definitely tricky little buggers. I set mine off just getting out of our SUV one day. My daughter had already locked the doors so, it made it sound when I opened mine. But, we weren’t in the country we were in the city. Have a nice day.

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks Michelle! So glad you enjoyed it!

    The funny thing about car alarms in the city is that they’re so common everyone ignores them. So they don’t work very well for their intended purpose. If someone’s making off with your car, nobody’s likely to notice.

  3. Joyce T. says:

    Oh! I just have to say, “Congratulations!”, once again, after reading the glowing article in the Journal News.

    I am also so impressed by anyone who can play oboe! I love the sound of the oboe, but am intimidated by the lung power required to produce any notes from that instrument. :)

  4. madkane says:

    Thanks, Joyce. And yes, the oboe is a beautiful, but really tough instrument.