Threefer Haiku

Impulse purchases
liberate you from your cash,
betray your self-worth.

(Sometimes I like to challenge myself by using several prompts at once, and today’s a threefer: “impulse,” “betrayal,” and “liberation,” all courtesy of Writers Island. And speaking of writing prompts, I’ve just posted a new one whose theme is “warning” and/or “caution.”)

Update: My husband Mark (who seems to be turning into a poet) read my haiku and almost immediately came up with his own.  I must confess that I like his better:

That impulse buy —
betrayal of frugality.
Ah … liberation.

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4 Responses to “Threefer Haiku”

  1. jadey73 says:

    I like both. Money does not buy happiness but sometimes it does feel a little liberating to get something we deserve.

  2. stan ski says:

    It all starts with impulse – and you don’t get anything for nothing. But there is always the issue of ‘cost’ and ‘value’.

  3. Shubd says:

    Great use of all three prompts in such a short and succinct manner !

  4. rambler says:

    “betray your self-worth”

    heheh you are just awesome at these