Street Metal (Limerick)

Street Metal (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

While I drive, I espy something bright.
To avoid it, I swerve to the right.
People honk. (It’s New York.)
Then I see — it’s a fork
In the road.  That’s what made me uptight.

(Prompted by Writers Island.)

And speaking of poetry prompts, there’s still lots of time to participate in my latest prompt.  My topic is decisions and indecision. (Although I usually post prompts every Friday, my current prompt will remain open until February 1 because I’ll be traveling.)

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16 Responses to “Street Metal (Limerick)”

  1. Forgetfulone says:

    Awesome! I loved this!

  2. rambler says:

    hehhe, you should listen to honking in India :D

  3. Funny! At least you didn’t burst your tyre on it!

  4. paisley says:

    cute little ditty mad… my thoughts are with you my dear….

  5. you always manage to make me smile…

  6. UL says:

    Nice one as always, MK…maybe I will get myself to do a limerick for your prompt…hope you are hanging in there…good luck to you. Hugs xox

  7. jadey73 says:

    Nice piece I enjoyed it very much.

  8. preethi says:

    Awesome.. Its newyork indeed.. you took me back to the mad city!! :P Like many I have a love-hate relationship with the big apple!!

    At the crossroad

  9. Tumblewords says:

    You are so clever! I’d love to write limericks with your style!

  10. Mary T. says:

    Ah, we are getting a lot of dry humor today and I’m enjoying it. Way to go!

  11. Herb Urban says:

    Funny stuff. My briefs trips to NYC left me with the impression people need little cause to lay on the horn ;-)

  12. suma says:

    that was funny!!! but driving in India is sure to turn you into a li,merick spouter…:)

  13. Rob Kistner says:

    There once was a beauty named Madeline
    Whose written words got your mind rattle’n

    While often times funny
    They were right ‘on the money’

    She spent no time foolishly prattle’n

  14. Karina says:

    “People honk, it’s New York”…I loved it. This was great!

  15. Redness says:

    Loved this … Thanks!

  16. I can just see the scene….