Friday Five Fun — The Eccentric Pianist

This week’s Friday Five asks us to use these five words in a poem or story: mustard, piano, elastic, moat, and notorious.  As you can see, it set me off in a rather silly direction:

The Eccentric Pianist
By Madeleine Begun Kane

The notoriously eccentric pianist
Played electric stride piano
With an elastic reach worthy of Fats Waller
While perched on the deck of his moat-surrounded castle,
Then dined on a meal of mustard sandwiches.

For a post and limerick about a real (and not-nearly-so-eccentric) stride pianist, check out my Ode To Judy Carmichael.

(You can find more of my music humor here.)

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12 Responses to “Friday Five Fun — The Eccentric Pianist”

  1. You are truly one gifted lady, Madeleine! I love this one. I have been trying to write a limerick for some time now but, I get hung up on the anapestic rhythm. I will keep trying though. Thank you for visiting Poefusion and trying out the Friday 5. Your last line is a kicker. Keep up the good work. Have a nice weekend.

  2. lissa says:

    What a fun limerick! Like Michelle I also like the last line.

  3. paisley says:

    well i had no clue what stride piano was so i checked it out on the judy carmichael site.. i call that rag time… but music officianado i am not… very fine both posts and the reference…..

  4. Tumblewords says:

    Always worth the trip here! Mustard sandwiches have a certain appeal!

  5. madkane says:

    Thanks so much, everyone!

  6. UL says:

    ah.. you do it so well, surprise me yet again with the usage of these words, loved the eccentricity..thank you


  7. madkane says:

    Thanks UL. Perhaps it takes an eccentric to really describe one in verse. :)

  8. gautami says:

    I too want mustard sandwiches!

  9. Christine says:

    A very creative, surreal take on the words. I admire your ability to infuse your poems with lighthearted humor. I could stand a lesson or two in that!

  10. madkane says:

    LOL! And thanks, Christine.

  11. LittleWing says:

    this was great!…thoroughly enjoyed it…yum i love mustard….

  12. madkane says:

    Thanks, LittleWing!