Ode To The Can-Do Comic, Fran Capo (Entertaining New Yorkers Series) Updated

Without planning to, I seem to have launched an “Entertaining New Yorkers” series of limericks.  (First there was O’Donnell V. The Donald, and next came my limerick about Stride Pianist Judy Carmichael.)

Today’s entertaining New Yorker limerick is a tribute to my good friend Fran Capo, an author, comedienne, motivational speaker, voiceover artist, actress, and adventurer. She’s also a Guinness world record holder — the world’s fastest talking female, clocking in at 603.32 words per minute:

Ode To The Can-Do Comic, Fran Capo (Limerick)
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Comic Capo (I know her as Fran)
Lives her life by the motto: “I can!”
She’s a fast-talking head. 
(So the Guinness guys said.)
I’m a friend of hers—also a fan.

UPDATE: Here’s a recent four minute video clip of Fran Capo on CNN International.

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