Humor Anthology News

Good news!  I’ve just sold two limericks and one haiku to the upcoming political humor anthology, Jest Patriotic (Let There Be Laughter Series)Hack This LimerickRunning From Mistakes; and Torture Bill Haiku.

So, who says crime … uh, I mean poetry … doesn’t pay? 

The political humor anthology’s due out in May, but their money humor anthology Cash In On Laughter is already out. And I’m pleased to say that two of my money humor columns appear in that anthology, as well.  

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3 Responses to “Humor Anthology News”

  1. newbroom says:

    I did not know that one could sell one’s rhymes or quips…congratulations…
    money is an evil necessity…part of our ‘system’…and gawrsh…how I’d love to write and get compensated…without the pressure of a deadline, as when inspiration motivates the action…I love word play and that you engage in it here, making it fun and allowing ‘us’ to participate….great ‘contest’ that Spring Limerick thing…I enjoyed playing along…and reading the variety of entries…
    Thanks ever so….

  2. madkane says:

    Thanks so much for the congratulations. And I’m so glad you enjoyed my first limerick contest. I hope you’ll enter the next one.

    And please do check out the limerick related sites I recommended in response to your other post.

    Thanks again, newbroom!

  3. markbnj says:

    would it be too inappropriate to ask you to email me info?